Preservation Society


The Preservation Society of The Historic Church of Saint Patrick

Current Projects: Ongoing Renovation 2008-2015.


Dear Friend of Saint Patrick,

Our Historic Church would not be the same without the wonderful support of the members of the Preservation Society. For many years the financial support of the society members has allowed the very needed restoration of this noble church building.

The Historic Church of Saint Patrick is an important house of worship. This rich faith symbol for the City of Toledo is a place to call home for all the Irish Catholics and many others of the region. Ever since the Irish immigrants found their way to the top of this hill over 100 years ago to build the first Saint Patrick Church, it has been a very special and sacred place because God-fearing people gather here to worship their God and serve their brothers and sisters.

Our purpose here is to restore and preserve this Historic Church. Please help us sustain this rich symbol of Catholicism. Consider a gift to the Preservation Society of the Historic Church of Saint Patrick and leave your mark on this prominent landmark.

May God hold you in the palm of His Hand.

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